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Roark Revival

Streetwear and accessories.

Roark Revival

Roark is pure adventure and an account of what life means in our point of view, is to find our essence in its purest state.

Roark is an adventurous spirit able to disappear in Mexico for a year integrating with the environment and then resurface in Paris tasting a Bordeaux with a model.

All seasons we chase Roark in various places around the world, telling the stories of his exploits in a magazine, directly inspiring collections of clothing, backpacks and accessories.

From Tokyo to Iceland, from Havana to Nepal, Roark's travels have led us to
diverse and exotic places that provide us with a balanced inspiration to create products and awaken the imagination of our faithful followers.

Roark exists because of the need to inspire people to go to places they never thought they could go and, in turn, be the choice when it comes to providing their equipment for adventure.

Each collection is intimately linked to the culture, textiles, people, history and curiosities that we find in all our adventures.
Our products are designed with adventurers in mind and remain intact whether they are under arrest in an Argentine cell or on a date at the Opera House in Sydney.
Thanks to Roark you will combine style and functionality in the 5 key clothes that you put in your backpack.
Roark Revival Symbology

Roark Revival Symbology

The icon of Roark "Safe Camp" is derived from the signals left by travelers in the era of depression.
A series of symbols that transmitted information to the different travelers with which information about cities was transmitted throughout the world.
Some symbols represented things like "people with alcohol, you will be cursed here, or there are women available". Information that was transmitted to each other thanks to this symbology.
Roark's nickname "Safe Camp" is inspired by the Hobo Code which meant "a safe place to camp" while on a trip. Affectionately known as Roark.

A return to daring adventure through the eyes of an idealized figure.

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