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Brand borned by Ryan O'Connor hands and the amazing WKND Crew (Skatecamp) in Los Angeles, California in 2009 although from 2006 they were giving war.

Cheating and originality is their motto. Starting with the "suggestive" meaning of the name of the brand to his pet Lord Nermal, that naughty and irreverent cat that at least makes us smile in each of his graphics.

What can we expect from a brand that has a cat as a pet? Nothing more and nothing less than independence and style, the main characteristic of cats, and thanks to Rip N Dip your style will be remembered by everyone around.

Skateboard Decks

Your pet. The one that is always there, the one that accompanies you in good times and bad times. That will be Lord Nermal. With you will be when you plan a Flip or when you put the "bag" of your life with the fantastic RipNDip tables. Tables designed by and for Canadian Maple Skaters of the highest quality and 100% made in U.S.A. and above with all the cheer and originality that deserves the Skateboard.


The team Rip'n Dip does not stop to create and its line of clothes has become an essential that you can not miss. From his original T-shirts with pocket on his chest turned and Lord Nermal hanging or falling from it, Nermal graphics doing the F ** K YOU! Going by their great sweatshirts of unique and unmistakable design, their molas caps, their amazing hunters type MA-1 or cowgirls, in short, an assortment so that you can go dressed from head to toe with the mark that "bro" around the whole world.

From La dolce vita we are proud to offer you a careful and varied selection of the best products of this brand that is starting worldwide. It is essential that you have Rip n Dip kit in your closet.

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