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There are several brands that just mention it comes to our minds Skateboard, smell like Skateboard and taste´s Skateboarding know.

This Powell Peralta, a classic that has been delighting us for more than 30 years with the quality of the material they build and their amazing designs.

The name of Powell Peralta is the combination of the surnames of two visionaries of Skateboarding. George POWELL and Stacy PERALTA.

In 1978, they decided to join forces and ideas and set out to create their own Skateboard brand in the city of Santa Barbara, although it was not until the early eighties that the evolution and "maturation" of the Skateboard became a sport that did not start to stand out among its competitors. One of the most memorable events that has left its mark on the history of Skateboarding is the Team created by POWELL PERALTA, the "Bones Brigade", which was the most famous team of the time.

Two privileged minds doing what they were most passionate about, in fact, George Powel is a graduate engineer at the prestigious Stanford University. In his curriculum highlights having worked for the Aerospace industry in the United States. Just imagine the qualitative leap when applying aerospace technology to skateboarding.

History of the Skateboard.

POWELL PERALTA is Skateboard history, so much so that they have decided to reissue their old brands under the Powell Classics Seal.

They have returned to edit tables as the pro models of Steve Caballero, Steve Saiz, the wild Mike Vallely, the legendary Jay Smith or a must in the collection of any skateboarder worth his salt, the McGill, the board with which "iron" the first McTwist of History in Sweden.

The pure and hard history of the Skateboard, and thanks to Powell we can enjoy all those works of art that we could not have in his day.

POWELL PERALTA forever and ever!

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