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Skateboarding, Streetwear and Sneakers.

HUF WorldWide

Keith Hufnagel grew up skateboarding in New York City in the late 80’s. Back then, skateboarding was a counterculture of outcasts rejected by society and that people didn’t accept.
After moving to San Fransisco in 1992 to live his dream and turn professional, Keith Hufnagel got the opportunity to travel the world, pushed by his sponsors. His travels and the people he met really influenced his vision of living and it appeared to him that the best way was to « do-it-yourself ».
He decided to do something new, the first boutique of its kind in the Bay Area. The shop came out under the name of HUF and was a place where skateboarding, sneakers and streetwear were mixed together and getting related together. The place quickly gained its recognition and was considered as the premier purveyor of rare, exclusive and limited goods in the Bay Area.
All this success made Keith Hufnagel want to push it even more and launch his own line of product, still under the name of HUF. For Keith, skateboarding isn’t just a hobby, it is more of a way of life, a skateboard lifestyle. Like art, music or any creative like-minded, skateboarding is a world free of prejudices and restrictions. These standards are the roots of HUF.
HUF products are timeless, really sobre and functional and the meterials that are used are inspired of the ones that showed their ability to endure the test of time. With casual designs and slogans, the range of products offered by HUF are sophisticated, nonchalant and respect influences of skateboard, sneakers and streetwear communities .
HUF offers a large range of apparel (hats, beanies, shirts, hoodies, socks, etc...) and sneakers.

Huf, essential in your wardrobe.

Made by skaters for skateboarders, HUF represents not only a refined skateboard brand, but also a mix of related cultures in parallel with the skateboarding mindset. Do not settle for the Status Quo. Go out and create your own future - do it yourself, create your own style.

HUF offers you its best shoes and professional models. Comfortable, durable, with a design and technology suitable for skateboarding.
A value for money that will not leave you indifferent.

The HUF team, just like its products, is composed of extremely stylish skateboarders, like Keith Hufnagel, Brad Cromer, Dan Plukett, Joey Pepper, Dylan Rieder, Austyn Gillette, Craig Anderson and more…



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