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Skateboard, Streetwear and Collaborations.


Dirty Ghetto Kids was born without pretension in Los Angeles, California in 2002 by Stevie Williams, the Philadelphia Skateboarder.

Originally inspired by the wheels of Skate "Gold" owned by Steve's close friend, Eli Soto, he began to take his first steps in the industry.

The name "Dirty Ghetto Kids" was an immediate inspiration, in which Williams originally thought about creating a "Team" composed solely and exclusively by African American Skaters, but that idea was forgotten because the Skateboard does not make distinctions of races .

Stevie Williams was born and raised in Philadelphia, and as you all know, the famous LOVE Park is located in this city. He and his colleagues spent the day at LOVE Park and it is precisely there that the name of Dirty Ghetto Kids was born since it was what they called the kids who were going to skate from the suburbs of Philadelphia.

The style of DGK is inspired by the street one hundred percent.

Hip Hop, Skateboard and Street flavor. His fresh designs, unmistakable illustrations and crazy montages make DGK a fetish brand for any Skateboarder.

Not only your clothes, but also your Skate boards stand out for their designs and above all for the quality of their construction.

His team consists of Skaters of the stature of Stevie Williams himself, but also has Dane Vaughn, Josh Kalis, Marcus McBride, Boo Johnson and Christopher Sanchez.
An authentic Dream Team that any brand would deserve to have in its ranks.

It also has the privilege of having recorded one of the best Skateboard videos in history, the Parental Advisory. An essential that we will never tire of.

The philosophy of Dirty Ghetto Kids is:
DGK is for those who come from nowhere.
It represents turning the negative into the positive and that they want to create something out of nothing against all odds.

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