Skate Wheels

Skate Wheels make our Skate in contact with the ground, so it is basic to know what kind of wheel you want to buy for your Skate.

Skate wheels have technical characteristics that are marked by diameter and hardness. There are some brands that among its features the surface contact and Wheel core.

In Loco Rider we are pleased to offer you a wide catalog in Skate wheels of best brands in international market.

Our professional team advises you to buy your Skate Wheels best suited to the kind of Skateboard that you practice or you want to practice. In the filters on left you can filter our entire catalog with the features that you want in Skate Wheels, and if you don´t have enough, we offer you online chatting to consult us. We also have two phone numbers to talk with our professional crew who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

From Loco Rider we can offer you one of widest online catalog. We have all kind of Skate Wheel brands like Jart Skateboards, Cruzade Skateboards, Pig Wheels, Flip, Santa Cruz, Imagine, Skate & Music, etc…..

In Loco Rider we are committed to skateboarding, so we offer our catalog at guaranteed best prices, you will receive your Trucks wherever you are in worldwide with free freight to all EU.

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