The Skateboard is not just a sport, it is a way of living and understanding life. Involves many aspects, but the basics and what you have to start is to have a Skateboard.

From la dolce Vita we are proud to offer everything related to the world of skate. Decks, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Rising Pads, all kinds of clothes, accessories and a long etc.

Skateboard Deck

That piece of wood that has given us such good moments.

Skateboards have evolved enormously since their creation. At first they were rough pieces of solid wood and nowadays they are authentic works of engineering.

The most common and traditional Decks are composed by seven Canadian Maple plies glued and pressed together, but we can find a very wide variety of technologies that combine different materials that give them more durability and other characteristics.

The most important thing about Skate boards is knowing the use that we are going to give you. It is not the same to want to do Street, skate wildly a Bowl or "pull" of Mctwist in an inhuman Vert. For that reason in La Dolce Vita you will be able to find one of the widest online catalog of skate decks. We also have a professional customer service to resolve any questions you have about it.

Skate Trucks

Our rudder, which gives us direction.

Skateboard Trucks are those pieces of metal that are fixed to our table and on which the wheels are mounted.

Skate Trucks come in different widths and heights. Normally the width is determined by the deck that we are going to use and the height depends of the kind of skateboard that we are going to practice. In the Skate Trucks section you will find infinity of Trucks that you can filter and thus find the one that best suits your Skateboard.

Skate Wheels

As with all elements of the Skate, the choice of Skateboard wheels are determined by the use we are going to give them. They come in packs of four units and have different diameters and hardness. In the Skate Wheels section you can filter and find your wheels, and if you have any questions you can contact our team of specialists who will solve any question immediately.

Skate bearings

Skate bearings are an element on which the wheel is mounted and are what allows us to roll with our Skate. There are standard ABEC bearings and we can also find mixed and ceramic bearings. You can choose yours in our bearings section and to refine your search you will have our fantastic filter on the left of the screen.

You can also find all kinds of screws, tools, Riser pads, and Grips of all kinds in our website.

What best suits you is a Skateboard mounted by you choosing all the components, for this we offer you your Skate configurator in which you can choose all the parts that compose it. You will also enjoy a 16% discount when riding your own Skate.

If you do not want to complicate and what you are looking for is a Skateboard already assembled in La Dolce Vita you will surely find yours as we offer you one of the largest complete Skates online catalogs.

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