How to Choose a Longboard

Okay, and now which one I choose?

Many times when we initiated into any sport we dont know what kind of ´stuff is better for our needs, and even, we do not know what kinds of disciplines understand the sport and real capabilities in that Sport. That´s happened to all of us.

Not everyone is qualified to perform amazing tricks in a skatepark, or fly like Tony Hawk in those amazing Halfpipes. Some of us just want to enjoy to slide from side to side on a longboard, and sometimes we opted for other not popular modalities of Skate.

For this, the first step is to know which are the existing modes within the Longboard, allowing us to opt for the best deck for our riding.

Longboard universe have various categories who have many tones that allow us to bring our “riding” beyond there.

Basic categories in which we can classify Longboard are:

  • Cruising
  • Dancing
  • Downhill
  • Freeride
  • Slalom


This is the basic category in the Longboard. It is to use our longboard as transportation. From go to “school”, take a walk around town or approach the beach to see swell. Some of us just want to move from side to side with our Longboard.

Such boards are usually shorter and with a typical retro touch of 80’s skateboards. They also tend to have a slightly raised tail to face the various obstacles we can fold our our way, although the extent of ranges and types of boards are huge.

For the more technical crew, often have decks between 28 “and 46” also have soft wheels to absorb irregular ground.


¿Who says old is not funny?

Esta modalidad esta basada en los orígenes del freestyle. Consiste en hace Bodywalk encima de tu longboard, es decir, hacer trucos “retro” con sabor a los 70´s y 80´s encima de tu longboard . Lógicamente existe una new school dentro de esta disciplina, y alucinarías con los trucazos que hace la “peña” encima de su longboard.

This modality is based on the origins of freestyle. It consists in Bodywalk techniques over your longboard, ie, to do “retro” tricks with the 70s and 80s taste up your longboard. Obviously there is a new school in this discipline, and you will flip with tricks that crew made over his longboard.

Dancing decks are longer and have more flex to trick. Sizes starts in 45”


The downhill or as we say in my hometown: go out, I´m coming, it is the fastest and most extreme in longboard.

In our memory images of Thrasing (Skate or Die) are. Introducing the world of this modality. Logically has advanced in technique and materials technology and downhill decks have nothing to do with the 80’s.

Speeds of 125 km / h in which we have full control of our Longboard. You has perfectly mastered the technique of slidding and “footbrake” or braking with the sole of our shoe. To practice downhill we should go completely protected from head to foot.

Downhill decks must be harder to avoid vibrations that get us out of control in our downhill, and measures ranging from 34 “to 40”. They also often have harder trucks and bushings.


This is the soft mode in downhill, perfect to initiate us into downhill. Sliding at high speed or tricking with your board. This is very spectacular in Longboard world.

Usually have nose and tail kicktail. Measures are between 36” and 46”


This is the most competitive mode in the Longboard. It consists in slalom between cones, but that’s the theory. The average user usually practiced this kind dodging the natural obstacles in the city.

Slalom usually have harder wheels in front trucks to have more speed and soft wheels to have good grips to dodging obstacles.